Rory Block: She’s Got the Look

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There’s nothing better than a female guitarist with personal style.  This is exactly the case when it comes to blues inspired musician, Rory Block.  This talented performer was recently showcased in another article for Guitar Girl Magazine, spotlighting her upcoming ventures; however, it’s just as important to highlight her signature fashion preference.

Block has an affinity for jeans, heels, and breezy blouses…a splendid combination. She described how, even at a young age, her fashion sense grew out of dressing for her body type:

“After a childhood of being teased incessantly for having long, skinny legs, I was pleasantly surprised to discover, as a teenager, that donning a pair of tight jeans and high heels made the skinny legs look altogether cool. What had once been my biggest flaw was now my best asset…as a musician and an artist, a combination of elements that ultimately revolved around long legs began to manifest (Bohemian, Western, with some Madison Avenue thrown in). High heels and tight jeans paired with flowy silk tops and spiced with lots of sparkly jewelry, became my trademark.”

When it comes to outerwear, vintage plays an important role for this guitarist.  This includes floral embroidery, interesting prints, and classic leather and suede fabrics.  Block carries a fondness towards cropped bombers, belted blazers, and fringe-detailed capes and jackets.

There’s nothing like a fabulous pair of boots; Block favors them in fall hues, including rich browns, deep reds, and pops of blues and greens. Intricate stitching details are essential as well as various heel heights.  Striking gold tones or animal prints are always show-stoppers.

For a while, fantastic boots became so important that they were really wearing me, but I didn’t care.

Fashionably speaking, the most important part for a female guitarist is developing a style you are comfortable with, one that really speaks about who you are, not only as a female, but as a musician. Block has mastered this act whole-heartedly.

“There is a powerful energy embodied in playing the guitar, seated in a chair like Robert Johnson with feet firmly planted, wearing stacks of bracelets, dangly earrings and great shoes, that seems to work.”

For more of Rory Block’s signature fashion, visit her online store.  A big “THANK YOU” to Rory for letting Guitar Girl Magazine take a closer look into her personal style!

Photos by and Shonna Valeska.

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