Mad for Menswear

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Fashion is always much more playful and innovative when taken “outside the box”.  Moreover, nothing is more fashion forward then giving conventional pieces a new twist by wearing them in a whole new way.  In this case, I’m talking about menswear.  It can give any girl an instant edge and cool rocker appeal.  Whoever said menswear was strictly for men was seriously mistaken.  Now more than ever, apparel and accessories traditionally viewed as “men’s only” are completely acceptable for girls…especially girls with killer personal style and those who love to rock out.

There is a myriad of merchandise we can borrow from our favorite guys.  Of course, his beloved graphic tee is an easy choice, but check out these options for ways to update your look.




The Blazer: A great men’s blazer can make any outfit effortlessly chic.  Throw this on over everything from simple cotton tees with jeans to sweet dresses and skirts.  The important thing to remember with this item is fit.  Just because it’s considered menswear, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t fit you properly.  Make sure the shoulders and sleeves fit comfortably; you never want the blazer to look like it’s wearing you.  To really make a statement, try bright pops of color with your new favorite jacket.  Vivid yellows, deep blues, or even interesting patterns are idyllic.


The Vest: A traditional men’s vest wears similar to the blazer.  It’s perfect to layer over your outfit for a quick fashion pick-me-up.   A vest looks fresh and stylish over dresses, blouses, and t-shirts.  When going for the layered look, don’t worry about fit.  In this case, a vest can be oversized.  However, if you are bold enough to rock the vest alone, make sure it’s neatly tailored to fit your shape proportionally. Like the blazer, bright colors or typical suit hues are completely acceptable.

The Button-Down: This is probably the most common menswear item, one that you may already own.  A well made button-down shirt is essential in every girl’s closet.  Go for neutral shades, like black, white, or pinstripes.  Also, make sure to pay attention to quality when it comes to this staple item.  You can wear a classic button-down with almost anything.  Pair it with jeans for a casual look, or rock it out with sleek leather pants.  Try tying it over dresses or floral skirts for cute country style.

Do not restrict yourself to just apparel! Menswear accessories are the icing on the cake.  These are the most exciting and innovative pieces to add to your wardrobe.

The Bow-Tie:  This is definitely a menswear accessory worth coveting.  It adds so much personality to your ensemble.  Whether you choice to tie your own or simply attach a clip on, bow-ties are incredibly trendy and easy to wear.  Use it to complement your everyday dress or blouse.  Think basic necklines to enhance the charming quality the bow-tie provides.  To get really creative, wear the bow-tie on other parts of your body.  Wrap it around your head for a pretty headband, or tie it around your wrist for an adorable bow-bracelet.

The Traditional Tie: Like a bow-tie, a traditional men’s tie can be worn in more than one way.  They always look elegant and sophisticated, whether over the classic button-down or tied over a crew-neck collar. Grab ties with brilliant colors and patterns; allow them to show off your fashion identity.  Instead of sporting them around your neck, you can always use a tie as an alternative belt or strap.  You can even knot them around your head as a fantastic hair scarf.  Even Taylor Swift has been seen wearing a men’s tie!

The Fedora:  The fedora requires no special treatment because it looks perfect with just about everything.  Men’s hats actually tend to be a bit more comfortable because they are made larger and they usually offer more of a variety.  Find your favorite color combination and rock a fedora with casual or dressy wardrobe pieces.  Having a bad hair day? Put on this gem and style your troubles away.  Orianthi has been known for her fedoras.


The rules of gender don’t apply when it comes to fabulous apparel and accessories.  Sport your favorite menswear merchandise with confidence and ease, whether you’re on or off the stage.

Photo credits:  Orianthi’s myspace; Taylor Swift website;

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