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Singer/songwriter/guitarist Lisa Loeb, who was nominated for a Grammy in 1994 for the song “Stay (I Missed You)” from the film “Reality Bites,” entered the world of eyewear back in 2010. For a little bit of trivia, Lisa Loeb is the first artist to ever have a number one Billboard pop song while not being signed to a recording contract. Her iconic pop song, “Stay (I Missed You)” (1994) helped propel Loeb into a long, successful career in music, singer/songwriting, film, television, voice-over work, and children’s recordings.

Her signature style of cat eyeglasses set her apart fashionably throughout her career. The line is called Lisa Loeb Eyewear, in partnership with Classique Eyewear, and includes cat eye style glasses that has made her a fashion forward success. With collections named after select song titles from Lisa Loeb’s catalog, these eyeglasses have a style to please anyone.

I recently had the pleasure of speaking with the talented singer/songwriter and eyewear designer.

GGM:   Where did the inspiration for developing an eyewear line come from? 

Lisa Loeb (LL):  It came from the fact that I wear glasses, I’ve worn them for a really long time. I think a lot of people recognize me for my glasses and associate me with glasses. Finally, after years and years of encouragement from fans, I realized it was a really good idea to start an eyewear line because I’m always looking for glasses for myself that I like that I think look good on me and I know a lot of other people go through the same thing. People always tell me they are  looking for glasses like the ones I’m wearing.

So, I decided to start a line that was based on the type of glasses that I like. Glasses that are sophisticated, but a little sexy; stylish, but not outlandish; something that people can feel comfortable in to wear all day and also at night. Something they feel that brings out their personality, but doesn’t overshadow them. Also, something that has references to older styles when glasses were a little bolder, but again with a little bit of a modern take on that style. Mainly, glasses that hopefully make people feel and look pretty.

A lot of people associate me with cat eye glasses or just strong plastic frames, but I wear a variety of glasses actually, so we developed this whole line with different colors. Some have a slight sparkle, some are in more traditional colors like black and tortoiseshell, and some are just brighter colors. Some even combine a brighter color with a traditional color. We really offer a variety within the family of those plastic framed glasses. Even some of the frames that aren’t even extremely cat eyed do have a little lift to them, I wanted to make sure they have a little bit of a lift because I think that looks great on everybody.

Butterfly Collection in Honey Color

GGM:  How many eyewear frame designs do you offer?

LL:  At this point, I’m not sure of the exact number, but we offer a wide variety of frames. Look on line at We are constantly creating new and fashionable designs.

GGM:   Will there be a launch of a new collection soon?

LL: There are vision expos three or four times a year where we announce new designs. It’s just a constantly evolving project and what’s cool, too, is that I do trunk shows. I hear a lot from fans through the internet and they tell me what’s working for them, or if they want something a little bigger, or why don’t I make something for men? They’re always asking about that! I’m always interested in people’s feedback because that definitely influences the styles as we move forward, to figure out what like-minded people have in mind so what know what they want.

GGM: Are there any plans to delve more into fashion, other than eyewear?

LL:  I don’t know yet. There was a time when I would work with designers to create outfits for the stage. I’m always interested in all different things, but right now my main focus is my music, eyewear, and my children.

GGM: When did you begin playing guitar and who were some of your musical influences?

LL:  I started playing guitar when I was probably about 14 years old. I played briefly at school, and then I really got into it at summer camp. My friend Alan Doff showed me how to play “Stairway to Heaven” and a couple of other songs. I started playing acoustic guitar there and soon after I got a Fender Strat Guitar – it was a 1972 reissue – and a Carvin DCM150 amp. One of my favorite guitar heroes was Andy Summers from the band The Police. I was really influenced, or in my mind at least, by guitar players like Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page, Jimi Hendrix, and even bands like The Cure that had interesting guitar parts where they would play textures and melodies, Johnny Mars from The Smiths, his textures and melodies as well, so there was some really classic guitar playing that was classic rock and a lot of guitar solos. Also, some new wave music. Even the guitar part in Thomas Dolby’s “The Flat Earth,” was more textured, more influential.

Lisa Loeb is a talented guitarist who successfully entered the world of fashionable eyewear. She is a mother, guitarist, singer/songwriter, actor and eyewear designer.

Photos courtesy of Lisa Loeb Eyewear

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