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Demi Lovato is one of the most beautiful female celebrities around today. She sings beautifully, and her acting skills aren’t bad either. Plenty of young girls want to steal her style, and while I believe that we should all be comfortable in our own skin, there’s nothing wrong with taking a little inspiration. Here’s how to get her look wherever you might be:

Going Out

Demi likes to channel her inner rock chick when she goes out to a red carpet event or with her friends. Here are some tips for getting her look when you’re out:

* Demi likes to incorporate a lot of black into her outfits. One gorgeous outfit consisted of a black mesh crop, a black skirt, black court shoes, and a handbag.

*Another outfit that got a lot of publicity was a black crop top paired with a red tartan skirt. She wore chunky black boots and red lipstick to top the look off.

*Another all black favorite; American Apparel disco pants and a black crop. You can also try switching your black crop up with a black pencil skirt.

What have we learned? When Demi steps out, she loves wearing black. She doesn’t love contouring with makeup though, as she expressed recently on her Twitter page @ddlovato. You can see more of her searching the social media name ddlovato elsewhere.

Working Out

Demi’s really into health and fitness, and she likes to look good when she works out. Nothing too extravagant; she’ll wear a tank top, plain leggings, and bright training shoes.


Lots of people forget that Demi is normal like the rest of us, and she enjoys relaxing too. If you want to relax like Demi, wear a quality hoodie from the likes of American Apparel, and pair with your favorite jeans. Simple yet effective!

Going to Bed

Yep, we’ve even got Demi’s bedtime style covered. What does she wear? Judging by social media, a cozy pod. Not quite a onesie, it looks much bigger yet much cozier. You be the judge.

On Stage

Demi’s stage style is extremely similar to her going out style. She often wears black boots, a black top, and black or blue jeans. She makes sure she wears a heel, but she doesn’t feel the need to dress OTT and flash too much flesh to impress people.

Now we know what Demi likes to wear and for what next, it’s time to focus on hair and makeup:

* Demi often sports a red lip; it’s the perfect way to jazz up a black outfit.

* Demi never goes OTT with makeup, and has spoken out that girls don’t need to paint their face to look beautiful.

* Demi has had lots of different hair styles and colors in the past. She’s been blonde, black, light brown, purple, you name it. She’s also had the side of her head shaved, long flowing curls, and a bob. I think the key here is to experiment with what suits you best and stick to that. Demi seems to like her dark bob the best, for the moment anyway!

Now you can get Demi’s look for any occasion. See you next time!

image – flickr

~ Laura Reeves

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