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Festival fashion is truly a fashion genre all on its own. This being said, the highlight or runway shows of the festival fashion season is most definitely California’s Coachella Music and Arts Festival.  This annual event brings out the best and most influential festival fashion attire, and even though the tents have been packed up, people are still talking about what was “cool” this year.  Take a look at Guitar Girl Magazine’s picks for the top trends at 2014’s Coachella Festival.

The unique thing about festival fashion is it’s incredibly easy to duplicate and spot. In fact, there are several notable staples included in this category that onlookers can see at any festival event and this year was no exception.  Coachella’s desert days were filled with flowing fringe and lace fabrics, pretty floral prints, over-the-top color combinations, and cheeky exposed bare abdomens. Completing the ensemble was of course, distressed denim.


Now these are just the wardrobe items, accessories have a category all to themselves.  This year was filled with flower garlands, stacked bangles, fabric headbands, and a mixture of metals and precious stones.



There seemed to be a distinct mix of different styles among Coachella’s attendees.  There’s the typical hippie-flower child, but also the country rocker, and grunge inspired fan.



Hippie-flower Child: These girls have a serious obsession with lace, fringe, and anything floral. They love donning floppy hats, flowing skirts, and might even have multi-colored body paint depicting daisies, sunflowers, or soft peonies.



Country Rocker: This group keeps it a bit simpler. They love classic Stetsons (possibly a bit distressed) and tall, leather cowboy boots.  Denim is their staple, shown in tiny cut-off shorts, low-slung jeans, or even white-washed vests and jackets.

Country Style Clothing at Coachella


Grunge-Inspired: This style gravitates towards denim, much like the Country Rocker, but they include vintage band t-shirts, often ripped and tied to their liking.  Black leather booties, studded bracelets, and the ultimate pair of shades complete this Coachella look.

Grunge Clothing as seen at Coachella

The beautiful thing about festival fashion is there are no rules – anything goes. The spirit of a festival is to be free to enjoy the music and general atmosphere. It’s about letting go and wearing what makes you feel comfortable and fashionable, whatever that creative expression may be.

CREDITS: Elle, Tumblr

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