Guitar Girl Magazine Issue 24 – Winter 2023

Guitar Girl Magazine Issue 24 - Winter 2023 - ZZ Ward - Photo by Jack Lue
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Guitar Girl Magazine Issue 24 – Winter 2024

Welcome to the winter symphony of stories in Guitar Girl Magazine’s 24th issue, where music and sustainability harmonize beautifully.


  • Dive into Martin Guitar’s eco-conscious journey in “Harmony with Nature.”
  • Explore “Strings of Change” at the Joan Baez Exhibit, celebrating an icon’s legacy.

2024 She Rocks Awards:

  • Exciting announcement of the co-host and honorees honoring influential women in music.

Spotlight on H.E.R.:

  • Discover the unique blend of R&B and soul in our feature on the black female guitarist, H.E.R.

Expert Tips:

  • “Driving Your Music Career” by Kathryn Cloward.
  • “Ask Alexx” column for your guitar queries.
  • “The Pros and Cons of AI Voice Modeling in the Guitar World.”
  • “Navigating Mental Wellness” with insights from Jewel’s Foundation.

Artist Spotlight:

  • Canadian blues guitarist Sue Foley shines in our Artist Spotlight.

Exclusive Interviews:

  • Female luthier Linda Manzer in “Crafting Strings and Breaking Barriers.”
  • Personal stories from ZZ Ward, Jen de la Osa, Atim Opoka, and Ruby J.

Tone Talk & Take Five:

  • Guitar tone insights with Ruby J and Bella Moulden.
  • Background and inspiration from Acisse Jay, Lola Ladae’, and Ruby Imes.

Fun Stuff:

  • #guitargirl feature: Jordyn Kenkel.
  • Engage in Adult Coloring, Word Search, and Trivia.
  • Gig Galleries and Fan Faves featuring Nita Strauss.

This issue is a blend of inspiration, sustainability, and the powerful stories of women in music. Enjoy the rhythm of winter with us!


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