Meet Saxony Raine, the dynamic front woman of Atlanta-based Revel In Romance

Photo by Jeff Walton
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Meet Saxony Raine, the dynamic frontwoman of Atlanta-based Revel In Romance. The 5-piece pop-rock band, whose wall of sound production and soaring melodies have garnered them rotation on Much TV in Canada, and stints with some of pop music’s biggest stars have just released an infectious new single called “Young.” Read on to learn more about the brunette chanteuse who is taking her hometown by storm.

You all have been lauded all over the state of GA, and have an impressive list of accolades including stints with The Band Perry, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Kings of Leon and KONGOS. How have you done all of this as indie artists? It’s quite impressive; especially since you all are so young.

As an indie artist, it’s no question that the road is long and difficult. But our opportunities have really come from making great relationships and showing people what we’re made of, so they’d put us on the bill.

Who would you say your major influences are? I definitely hear some emo in there (in the vocals and lyrics especially), and I say that with love! 

My major influences are Alanis Morissette and Avril Lavigne, vocally. Sheryl Crowe too. You’re not wrong about the emo influence, though Paramore and other softcore emo musicians are definitely in my Apple Music library.

Speaking of “Smoke and Mirrors,” you’ve got some real heavyweights on this production. The EP was produced by the Atlanta-based, Grammy Nominated Mama Jan Smith and Jesse Owen Astin of World Is Watching. How did you attract the attention of these industry vets?

Once again, relationships have a major pull. I started working with Jan when I was 15 years old but met her 3 years before when she started working with my older brother. My personal journey with her started when she was coming to a show to support Parker (guitar) and saw me perform and requested to work with me. I remember being super giddy and even nervous around her when I first started with her. But now she’s family. She connected us with Jesse too and it’s all this hypothetical extended family tree at this point.

Your new single, “Young” was just released. Was a certain someone the inspiration for this one?

Whoa, right to the nitty-gritty. Of course, someone was the inspiration. It stems from a journey of young love and believing in that. “Young” is apologizing for being young but refusing to call it puppy love. My first experience at true love was called puppy love and apparently that made me mad.

It looks like you all are pretty well-traveled, and have done your fair share of domestic touring. Which city would you say has been your favorite to
play so far, and which one(s) has/have been hungriest for new music in
your experience?

My favorite city for landscape is New York. I know it’s cliché but it’s a dream driven city and it’s somewhat inspiring to be there. Chicago was definitely the most inviting for new ears, but Birmingham is the most loyal thus far. I guess there’s too many favorites to pick just one.

I’m sure every indie artist wants to know the answer to this one. It’s easier and harder than ever to build a strong fan base these days. How and where do you “recruit” your new fans? Would you say mostly via social media, or by going out and playing a ton of shows?

Fans are everywhere. Whether stumbling into a show in Milwaukee, WI – picking them up at the various festivals we’ve played or with any release of new stuff. We mostly keep up with our fans on Instagram. We love knowing what they’re doing just like they’re interested in what we’re doing.

What’s next? Will you be touring the new EP?

What’s next is constant new content. Videos. Music. Shows for sure. We’re in the process of putting together the next tour so definitely be on the lookout!

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