Kim of Matt & Kim talks instruments played, the duo’s new album, more

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Brooklyn duo, Matt Johnson and Kim Schifino, respectively of Matt & Kim, are known for their energetic and infectious live shows. It was during one of these shows that Kim suffered a serious injury to her knee, resulting in a torn ACL and meniscus that sidelined her for a year due to surgery and it’s subsequent recovery. During this time, the duo wrote some of their most personal music to date, which is their latest release, Almost Everyday (May 4).

Several of the singles on the new album feature popular musicians, including Mark Hoppus of blink-182, Kevin Morby, SantigoldSWMRS, Kevin Ray of Walk The Moon, and others.

Check out the music video of Matt & Kim’s album track “Happy If You’re Happy” featuring a move-by-move remake of Mia and Vincent’s classic dance from “Pulp Fiction” at the top of this article. Find out what Kim has to say about playing other instruments, influences, that move-by-move Pulp Fiction music video, and more.

Congrats on the new album! So exciting! Besides the drums, are there other instruments you enjoy playing, or grew up playing? 

I use to play clarinet in 7-9th grade! Made it to first chair! Oh hell yeah! Then in high school you had to choose between band or sports (which looking back is really shitty). I ended up choosing cross country indoor and outdoor. Never touched the clarinet after that!

This is you guys’ most personal album to date….do you think this will be your most reflective album you’ll release, or was it so cathartic that you’re tempted to do it again?

I have no idea if it will be our most reflective album we will release. Never know till the time comes. This album was extremely therapeutic to write after the shitty year we had. We never did that before and I feel like it helped us get a lot of built up emotions out.

Why did you guys decide to make a video featuring the move-by-move remake of Mia and Vincent’s classic dance from Pulp Fiction for your single “Happy If You’re Happy”?

KS: It seemed like a fun thing to do. I think a lot of what Matt and I do is based off of it we think it will be fun or not. I think it’s a pretty sweet way to decide your life!

Matt & Kim

Who are some major female influences in your music?

We can take it way way back and say MC Lyte, Salt and Pepper or Queen Latifah!  Shit my brother has a tape of me rapping to Roxanne Shante when I was a little kid. I’ve always been into hip-hop.

Are there any female musicians/artists you’d love to have collaborate with Matt & Kim?

KS: I was stoked to have Santigold sing backup vocals on Glad I Tried. She is one of my favorite artists and to hear her on a track was amazing.  I would love to do an original track with her. Also I love Amanda Blank…she toured with us a few years ago and she is currently working on new stuff that is going to come out. I am excited to hear what she is doing.

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