Interview with UK Singer-Songwriter and Guitarist Little Lapin

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Indie-pop singer-songwriter and guitarist from the UK, Little Lapin, has been described as “A Pretenders for the 21st Century” and has performed all over the world from New Zealand to New York to the UK. She recently released her single “Remember The Highs” which will be one of the tracks on a new album due out later this year. Little Lapin has partnered with New Zealand producer Ben King on her new single and upcoming album. Based on the melody, catchy guitar riffs, and raw but polished vocals on Little Lapin’s latest works, the forthcoming album will surely be a success.

GGM:  You have been described as ‘A Pretenders for the 21st Century.’ Is Chrissie Hynde an inspiration to you?

LL:  It’s really flattering to be compared to someone as iconic and distinctive as Chrissie Hynde, however, I wouldn’t say that she has been an inspiration to me. I do think she has a unique voice and The Pretenders wrote some really great songs.

Little Lapin

GGM:  How did your five years in New Zealand compare with life in the UK?

LL:  New Zealand was very kind to me in the sense that it gave me the time and discipline I needed to carve out a career in music.  It’s a great training ground for the DIY musician. Due to the shortage of NZ music managers, you have to learn all aspects of the music industry and do everything yourself such as promoting, booking gigs and tours, sound engineering, music videos, etc. so it’s not an easy ride and there isn’t much support for the live music scene. It’s really sad to see actually, very talented musicians playing to crowds of ten to twenty people. I think kiwi musicians have to be very thick skinned to survive. In the UK there are more venues to perform in and the live music scene is more active.  There is more of an emphasis on the festival season with literally hundreds to choose from. I’m looking forward to playing at How The Light Gets In Festival in Hereford this year which is the world’s largest philosophy and music festival on May 23rd.

GGM:  Do you play any other instruments as well as the guitar?

LL:  My first instrument was the flute followed by the piano. I like to dabble in all instruments really, as to how well I can play them depends on the listener!

GGM:  Where did the idea for the awesome ‘Silent Tears’ video originate from?

LL:  The song is about masking your feelings which got me thinking about the attitudes of people in the Victorian age and how it seemed to be a very repressed society in comparison with today where everything seems to be out in the open. I put my song and music video ideas forward to Indiefilm (NZ) who were running a music video competition and fortunately they chose my song/idea. I was so impressed with their vision and enthusiasm that I chose them to produce my second music video for my follow-up single ‘Waiting Room’.

GGM:  Where would your ideal performance venue be?

LL:  I don’t really have an ideal performance venue, it’s more about wanting to perform to an appreciative audience who enjoy listening to my lyrics and music.

GGM:  Who would you have your dream performance with if you could choose any artist?

LL:  I’d like to play with the Pixies.

GGM:  Do you find time for any hobbies?

LL:  Being a full-time musician doesn’t leave much time for other hobbies although I do like photography and spending time with my husband Alex.

GGM:  Are there any upcoming projects on the horizon?

LL:  Yes I seem to always have a project on the go; there’s no rest for the wicked!

GGM:  Do you think you may tour the US in the near future?

LL:  I’d like to return to the US to tour again and hopefully there’ll be an opportunity for that to happen.

GGM:  When can we look forward to the release of your next album?

LL:  The release date is April/May 2015.

For more on Little Lapin, visit her site HERE.

~ Karen Hill

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