Interview with Pretty Little Demons’ Lydia Night: Pretty, Little and Good

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Collectively and singularly, the duo, Pretty Little Demons, rocks any performance in their own right. Guitarist, Lydia Night, has been playing since the age of 6 as well as formed her first band at the age of 7. Lydia also performs with actor Ryan Gosling and friend Zach Shields’ band Dead Man’s Bones. Her other half, Marlhy Murphy, has been playing drums to massive arenas at national hockey games with the band, School of Rock. Marlhy is in three bands, one being a Led Zeppelin cover band, called Zeppos, and a four-piece all girl band, called We’re Not Dudes; they have opened up for Polyphonic Spree and Sarah Jaffe.

Both Lydia and Marlhy were handpicked out of thousands of hopefuls to play SXSW, and were the youngest to ever play and be featured in a showcase of amazing young talent. During their performance at Amoeba Music in Hollywood, they performed their singles from their debut EP, as well as signed copies for attendees. They were also joined by a special performance with Brett Anderson of The Donnas, as well as Exene Cervenka from X. Referencing their age and their music, Brett of The Donnas states, “They work hard, play harder, and their songwriting skills belie their years.”

We got a chance to chat with Lydia about Pretty Little Demons, and for being only 12 years-old, has wisdom beyond her years and has great outlook on life. She spoke about how their name came about, her experience with Ryan Gosling and his band, as well as where they receive their inspiration from.

GGM: Inquiring minds want to know, why the name Pretty Little Demons?

Lydia: Me and Marlhy were trying to figure out names that were opposite. It started with things like Black Rainbows, but weren’t going to use that name, but thought of opposites, and we came up with Pretty Little Demons.

GGM: You both just got back from SXSW after being handpicked out of thousands of submissions to perform. What was that experience like for you guys?

Lydia: Omgosh, it was an incredible experience. We got to meet incredible musicians, kids and older. We got to see some cool shows. I actually only got to see one, a panel of one of my favorite musicians, Amanda Palmer. Marlhy loved it as well.

GGM: You both cover a multitude of societal issues; drugs, being pretty, the girl in the room craving attention. Where do those emotions come from, because you guys are so young?

Lydia: I think a lot of it is because we’re young and we haven’t experienced a lot of things yet. A lot of it comes from hearing about it. The addiction thing came from my grandparents.

GGM: Since you began playing guitar at the age of 6 and forming your first band at 7, what motivated you to pursue guitar and music?

Lydia: My Dad actually took me to The Donnas concert and I thought it was the coolest thing ever, because it was girls playing rock music, and I thought that was amazing. That was probably the thing that really made me want to be in music.

GGM: When I read that you’re a member of actor Ryan Gosling and Zach Shields’ band, Dead Man’s Bones, I found that intriguing. How was that experience for you? Any plans to work with them further?

Lydia: Well, right now, as you know, he’s been doing a lot of movies, so it’s on hold. From what I have done with him, it’s been amazing. He’s a super-nice guy, super-relaxed. When I first joined the choir, I had no idea how big he was, but then I had heard stuff about him. Then, I watched The Notebook and bawled my eyes out. I’m a huge fan.

GGM: How has your experience been performing at the huge venues of Amoeba Music and The Roxy? 

Lydia: They were amazing. The people that were working there were so nice, and helped out so much. It was incredible. No crazy stories, but at The Roxy, there were a few people in the back moshing, which was really strange.

GGM: Is there anything new with Pretty Little Demons that you want your fans to know? 

Lydia: Well, we are planning on hopefully recording another EP and maybe even an album. We’re kind of deciding on all those things. There will definitely be some announcements on our Facebook soon.

GGM: Does Pretty Little Demons plan to tour? 

Lydia: We are hoping to for sure. If we release another EP or album, we hope to perform at all the “Girls Rock Camps”.


Fun Questions

GGM: What was your first concert? 

Lydia: It was with my first band when I was 7 years old. It was an all-girl band, kind of folky. It was at McCade’s Guitar Shop.

GGM: What was your favorite show to play? 

Lydia: My favorite one to play was  “Opening for Peelander-Z at The Grackle.”

GGM: What was your first CD? 

Lydia: It’s hard to pick one, and I really don’t know. My parents usually pass down what they have because they have such great taste. I really don’t know.

GGM: What are five albums you can’t live without? 

Lydia: Can I name five bands I can’t live without?

GGM: You sure can! You can do whatever you want 😉

Lydia: Okay, I like a lot of albums, so that’s a hard one. Led Zeppelin, Amanda Palmer, Neutral Milk Hotel, The Smiths, and Hole.

Lydia and I bonded over our mutual love of our favorite Hole song, “Doll Parts”!


GGM: Do you have a guilty musical pleasure?

Lydia: Yeah, probably this one song by Hall and Oates and listen to it sometimes when I’m in a cheesy mood. What’s it called? “You Make My Dreams Come True,” haha! It’s just one of those cheesy songs, makes you feel like you’re dancing around with a hairbrush looking in a mirror.

Lydia loves Guitar Girl Magazine and says “it’s amazing,” and “thanks us very much” for the interview.

Thank you, Lydia and Pretty Little Demons!






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