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Pop singer-songwriter, Daya, known for her duet and GRAMMY-award winning hit with The Chainsmokers‘ “Don’t Let Me Down,” and her own popular single “Sit Still, Look Pretty, recently performed live in West Hollywood on May 5 at Propel Co: Labs Fitness Festival, during a workout hosted by modelFIT.

The 19-year old Daya was recently featured on the Forbes’ 30 Under 30 list (she’s the youngest honoree), and also debuted on Billboard’s 21 Under 21. She’s certainly not one to be missed, and definitely one to watch.

This is the third year for Propel Co: Labs Fitness Festival which is “designed to unite the fitness community through one-of-a-kind fitness experiences for the mind and body fueld by live musical performances and mash-up workouts led by the industry’s top instructors and studios.”

We chatted with Daya about her performance at Propel Co, her hit single with The Chainsmokers, our mutual love for make-up artist Nikki DeRoest and what’s next for Daya this year.

First of all, congrats on all your achievements!

Daya: Thank you. Thank you.

We’re so happy for you. How did you get involved with Propel Co:Labs Fitness Festival?

Daya: They reached out to me. And I thought it was a great opportunity to pair two of my things together, two of my favorite things together. Fitness and music. And, yeah. I’m really excited to see what the show’s going to bring. I’ve never done anything like this before, so…

So you’ve never played live for a workout?

Daya: No, not that I can think of. No.

So what do you hope to get mentally and physically out of your performance?

Daya: I hope that my performance inspires the people working out, but I also hope that it’s kind of like a vice-versa. Like they inspire me too. I think that, always when I’m watching a workout video, or when I’m seeing other people actively doing it, I think that that just gives me more energy, so hopefully we’ll kind of feed off of each other during it.

Very cool. When you first came on the scene, you had a big hit with The Chainsmokers, “Don’t Let Me Down.” And you debuted at the fifth spot on the Billboard’s 21 Under 21. Was that overwhelming? Or were you prepared at how fast everything went?

Daya: I mean, I could never say that I was prepared. Because you’re never really prepared for that kind of thing. But, I mean it was making sense at the time. I think I was just like … I was working my a** off and just doing everything that I could, and showing face where I could. And so I think that that really just shows how working hard can get you there. And, yeah, I’m super grateful for Billboard for that.

Did you feel like you knew the song was going to be a big hit?

Daya: I had a feeling. I love that song. I still don’t get tired of performing it. You guys will see that today.

Oh nice!

Daya: I’m going to be jumping around everywhere. But, yeah, I mean I think that I knew that song was special, I just didn’t know the extent of which it would go.

How special and very cool! Your latest single is “New,” which is another musical piece of candy to our ears. Is there another album coming out? Or other collaborations you can share with us?

Daya: Thank you. Promotion there. There are not any collabs that I can share right now. But, the album is in the works. I’ve been working on it with my new label, Interscope, for the past year now. Just kind of like honing in on my musical identity as a writer. I think that was like a huge part of my growth as an artist, was just sitting down and being like, “Okay…Like what song do I gravitate to the most?” And kind of that sort of thing. So, that’s why it’s been taking so much longer. But, I’m excited. Because I know it’s going to pay off.

Awesome! So you have the same feeling you did with The Chainsmokers?

Daya: Hopefully, I think so. With some of them, yeah.

How do you feel or think music empowers women, especially today?

Daya: I think music is a form of expression for me. I think that the more honest the music is, coming from any female artist anywhere, the more people are going to connect to it. So, I’ve kind of like taken that route with my music. I just want it to be very real and authentic, and maybe touch on some of the struggles that women face in society. And hopefully, that will empower some of my younger audience to know their worth and to strive for their dreams and go after what they want to do with … Like even if people are trying to put obstacles in their way.

Sounds like a great goal for your music!

Daya: Yes!

I support that. Okay, this is a bit off topic, but you recently had your makeup done by my favorite makeup artist, and one of the sweetest souls ever, Nikki DeRoest.

Daya: Oh my god, I love her. Yeah, she’s amazing. We actually did a shoot the other day where she put like butterfly clips all over my hair. It was kind of a very 90s throwback, like Clueless vibe. But she’s amazing. She’s so perfect, and she’s so stylish and she thinks of everything.

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