Satarra Troutman

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Meet Satarra Troutman, our #GuitarGirl of the Month.

About Me:  My name is Satarra Troutman.  I’m a singer-songwriter and bassist from Atlanta, GA.  I’ve performed internationally across stages in Europe and the US, and I’m currently writing and performing back in my hometown.

My Music:  My original music is definitely soul music, but with funk and rock influences.  I’m also playing bass with The Txlips band with is an all-female Rock and Roll group that’s a ton of fun!

My Inspiration:  I’m heavily inspired by Cree Summer, Stevie Wonder, Sheryl Crow, and Lenny Kravitz.

My Gear:  I play a Fender Jazz four string bass with DR Neons currently, but I also love Dunlop Super Brights.  My favorite rig is def a Little Mark 3 bass head running through two Aguilar 2×10 cabs!  Big fat sound!

Photo credit:  Courtnie Gurlie

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