Jessie Glennon

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ABOUT ME:  My name is Jessie Glennon and my handle on social media is @jetgirl888. I’ve been playing the guitar for about two years. I play almost every day for three to five hours. I’m always learning new stuff to hone my skills. I also sing. I have a band @SpitfireSarcasm where I am the lead singer and lead guitarist.

MY MUSIC:  I love rock music and when I started playing the guitar, that’s all I’d learn. Now that I’ve been playing awhile, I’m opening myself up to new types of music in order to get a sense of what music other people like. When I write my own music, I always try to combine some elements from different genres to get new and unique sounds.

MY INSPIRATION:  My biggest music inspiration is Jimmy Page. Led Zeppelin is one of my favorite bands and I’ve learned so many of their songs that I can’t even count them. When I’m working on a new Zeppelin song, I always learn some new tricks and they always have cool riffs that are complicated and great to play. I’ve always wanted to be able to play as well as Jimmy can, so I practice a lot so that I could maybe get there someday.

MY GEAR:  I’ve played a lot of guitars and I own over 30. I have an LTD EC-1000 Deluxe that I enjoy playing the most. I’ve found it to have a great neck that I can play any type of music on, and it’s got a great sound that can be really soft and clean, or it can be mean and distorted. I have a bunch of amps too including two full stacks. One of my stacks is a Peavey Valve King that sounds super sick when it’s cranked, and it can really rock the house with some good sounds.

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