Product Review: D’Angelico Prohibition Bronze String 11-52

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It had been a bit since I changed the strings on my back-up Martin Guitar which is one I use when I play around the house, so I decided to try the D’Angelico Prohibition Bronze strings. I played a full, loud strum, and my first thought was, “Man, they are bright!” Could it have been that long since I had changed strings? I continued to play a few riffs and strum some more chords and there was no doubt they were really bright sounding strings, and it wasn’t because they were new.

These strings are clear and crisp — not tinny at all — with a nice balance of brightness and body. They cut through with such clarity, and play very well and feel good on your fingers. The strings blend together with an audible grace that, to me, seems perfect for players that do a lot of fingerpicking and double stop styles.

They are considered high tension strings which some players claim are harder to play but I felt very little playing difference between them and the medium tension strings I normally play.

If you are looking for a set of strings that have bright clarity with full-body, look no further.

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