The Texas K.G.B. Bands Makes a Tour Stop in Marietta, GA

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The Texas K.G.B. played in Marietta, Georgia on Friday, January 30, 2015 to a good-sized crowd at Darwin’s Burgers and Blues. For those who are not familiar with Texas K.G.B., their sound can be described into a genre known as alternative folk music. Darwin’s had a good crowd for the band, many of whom enjoyed the food and drinks just as much as the Texas K.G.B. that night. It was a great night of live music and good burgers, as the performance was enjoyable and the sound was great.

Texas K.G.B. (Kelly Green Band) is a band from Texas led by guitarist Kelly Green and they have a great Americana sound and a solid following of fans. To hear them live, or any other band for that matter, is always fun and exciting as you can really get into the music with the passionate performance by the artists and the excitement from the crowd. Soaring guitar performances by Green, backed up by excellent musicianship by her band members on bass and drums, is what Texas K.G.B. brings to their performances.

Once the band began to play, there was a calmer anticipation that murmured throughout the crowd. In the air, there was excitement as the vocals began, a simple roar from the crowd was enough for the band to know that a good time was going to be had that night. The band performed throughout the evening to an enthusiastic and responsive crowd and those lucky enough to see this show at Darwin’s knew that it was something special.

One can tell that Texas K.G.B. enjoys playing to a live crowd. The energy of the band could be felt throughout the small, but crowded venue, and the sound carried well within the venue. For such a simple stage set-up, the show was wonderful focusing on the music and the amazing guitar solos.

There was something in the air that Friday evening at that particular venue and everyone knew it. The Texas K.G.B. is a band that will impress anyone who has the chance to see them. The excellent vocals and skilled musicianship is what makes this band special and pleasing to the ears.

And anyone who enjoys guitar solos will appreciate seeing this band in a live setting and is a must see if they are performing in a town near you. Knowing the band writes their own songs and the craftsmanship of these fine musicians is sure to take them a long way in their musical career.

We caught up with the Texas K.G.B. for an interview, so stay tuned!

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