Book Review: Women’s Road to Rock Guitar by Nikki O’Neill

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Women’s Road to Rock Guitar – Get ready to ROCK!

I love Nikki O’Neill’s Women’s Road to Rock Guitar from Alfred Music as she’s a teacher, a guide, and a friend. For someone just starting to play the guitar to experienced players, Nikki shows you the essentials and helps you grow from there.

Women’s Road to Rock Guitar is an excellent book for anyone wanting to learn rock guitar as Nikki’s expert instruction and the players’ perspective are its shining stars.

In addition, the MP3 CD included with the book is a treasure which helps bring Women’s Road to Rock Guitar alive with lesson examples and jam tracks with and without guitar parts.

Connect with your guitar!

Swedish born rocker and teacher, Nikki O’Neill, has a natural knack for teaching and breaking things down to make them easy to understand. Much of Women’s Road to Rock Guitar came from her time tested lessons used when she was teaching guitar in New York City.

An insightful resource for both students and teachers alike, Women’s Road to Rock Guitar shows different ways to play and how your playing connects to chords and song patterns. With Women’s Road to Rock Guitar, Nikki’s goal is to help you connect with your guitar.

Expert instruction and players’ perspective!

Women’s Road to Rock Guitar is available for sale at your local music store, Guitar Center stores nationwide, and online retailers like; Amazon, Barnes & Noble,, Musicians Friend, Music 123 and many more worldwide.

Item:  00-42253
UPC:  038081464435
ISBN 10:  073909954X
PRICE:  $19.99
Category:  Guitar Method or Supplement
Format:  Book & CD
Instrument:  Guitar

In addition, Nikki is currently lining up workshops/clinics in music stores and record/book stores starting in California.

Links to Nikki’s music/current activities are: and

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