Book Review: My Kid Brother’s Band A.K.A. The Beatles By Louise Harrison Acclaimed Press

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Beatle guitarist, George Harrison’s older sister, Louise, has written an insightful book about her life and her connection with her famous brother.

“My Kid Brother” tells the history and relationship of the Harrison parents, the other brothers, George, and the continuing exciting life story of Louise. Tales are told of George’s first trip to the US (before any of the other Beatles touched ground). This is a fascinating chapter of music history. Of course he stayed with Louise, jammed with a local band and bought a new Rickenbacker 425 (which recently sold for $657,000!) at the local music store.

Through out the book are copies of correspondence with Brian Epstein, radio stations, record companies, promoters…all cool stuff for any Beatle/history buff.

Ms. Harrison is straight-forward about her money situation which involves George. With her writing you get a real feel for the Harrison family. The inside account of Louise nursing George a few days before the infamous Ed Sullivan Show debut of The Beatles is so interesting. She really helped The Fabs early in their career.

So many interesting anecdotes in this book. Ms. Harrison has lived a vivid life herself.

I highly recommend it be read by any Beatle fan.

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