Where to Find the Best Ukulele Straps for Your Ukulele

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If you’re a fan of the convenience and comfort a ukulele strap offers then the only decision to make is where to find the best one for both you and your instrument.

Where to buy the perfect ukulele strap for your instrument

There are hundreds of online sites offering a wide variety of ukulele straps. These include big-name marketplace sellers like Amazon or auction/selling sites like eBay, specialist music equipment related sites, and small crafter selling stations such as Etsy. Town center music shops are good places to look, too.

Ukulele straps are made from several different types of material, including tween, nylon, and linen, however, leather straps are perhaps the most popular.

What type of strap is best for you?

As there are so many places to browse for ukulele straps, before you start looking seriously, it’s best to know exactly what type you want to buy. There are several styles available and they serve different purposes, so this is an important decision.

Standard ukulele strap

This style of strap is very popular, and it is attached to the ukulele in two places (the neck and the end) by strap buttons. As most instruments don’t have these as a standard feature, at least one will need to be added. (A pickup jack can be used as the end button if needed.) This is a comfortable strap to wear and most are adjustable to get the best possible fit.

Semi-guitar strap

This also works with just one button (on the end), while the other end is tied between the tuning pegs and strings.

Folk guitar style strap

The strap wraps in a loop around the player’s neck and under the ukulele – secured by a hook in the sound hole. No strap buttons are needed.

Half strap

Designed especially for ukuleles with no strap buttons, instead, one end of the strap is fastened to the instrument’s headstock and the other to the player’s arm, leg, or wrist, allowing the body of the ukulele to be held as normal.

Clip-on strap

As the name suggests, this strap literally clips on to the instrument. These are perfect for younger players as they can be attached in seconds, but they also come in larger, adjustable styles to fit all sizes.

Möbius strap

Another very simple strap that can be attached very quickly and needs no buttons or other adjustments to it. To use it, you simply loop the strap around the ukulele’s body and then over your shoulder, just like a regular strap. The ukulele is held safely against your body by the loop’s twist.

The other option which may appeal to keen crafters is to make your own ukulele strap. There are lots of video tutorials and examples on YouTube or elsewhere online, and with a little imagination and effort, you can be sure your strap will definitely be one of a kind.

For more advice on choosing a strap for your ukulele, check out our friends at Sound Chime – ukulele strap the best you can get.

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