Three Halloween Themed Ways to Get Musical Inspiration

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Whether you write your own songs or just enjoy playing improvised stuff, being inspired can make a huge difference! Inspiration can come from all kinds of things including, of course – other people’s music, art, experiences, or even just your surroundings. A lot of musicians and other creatives find the fall a particularly evocative time that can provide some nice moods and ideas, and nothing says ‘fall’ like Halloween! Here are three ideas with a Halloween theme that could give you some cool ideas for your next piece:

Have a Scary Experience!

Naturally, you don’t want to do anything unsafe, but there are lots of ways you can experience something intense and spooky that can help stimulate your creativity and give you song ideas. One idea could be to face one of your own personal fears by going to see an animal you’re afraid of like snakes or spiders at a local zoo, or going up the tallest building in your city if you are afraid of heights. Another fun way to scare yourself into getting inspired is to try out an escape room game. This trend, where players solve puzzles to get out of a locked room is becoming really popular, and while not all escape rooms have a scary theme, there are certainly some fun horror inspired options at places like this Atlanta escape room center, including haunted mansions and pretend kidnapping scenarios.

Channel Your Costume

Choosing a Halloween costume can also be something that requires some inspiration, but if you’ve decided on yours, try getting into character and thinking about what kind of song your costume character would perform or like. If you’ve chosen a celebrity, try playing or singing something in their style or acting like them while you play, even if it is different from your usual music, and see where it takes you. If you’ve chosen a fictional character monster or a random idea, just have some fun making up songs for them to sing. Even making up silly songs can give you some ideas for melodies and riffs.

Cozy Fall Walks

Just getting outdoors during the fall and walking around, seeing the leaves change and smelling the autumnal air can help inspire you. Whether you have fond nostalgic memories you can draw on of past fall seasons, or you are inspired by the nature around you, getting outdoors and just experiencing the season can be a great way to let your mind relax and your creative energy start to flow. If you live in an urban area, a walk in a public park can be just as inspiring as getting out into the woods, as you can see other people also making the most of the fall and let your imagination draw on how they might be feeling.

Whether you want something intense, mellow, or just plain fun, this time of year offers lots of great ways to spark your musical muse into action and help you come up with ideas.

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