Share Your Shred: New SixString App Worthy of Applause

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For guitarists who don’t want to lose a second of inspiration, the SixString app is available for download. A big feature of the iPhone app is the ability for guitarists to record audio and video on-the-fly and post it.

Axe slingers Jennifer Batten and Sharon Aguilar use SixString for their guitar-centered social networking.

It’s free to download and easy to use. Highlights of SixString include:

Record audio and video: up to 45 seconds of HD audio or 15 seconds of video

Post song clips, videos, photos of your gear, and more
One-click sharing to Facebook or Twitter
Interact: Post as well as comment on posts
Network: “Fan” your favorite players to get their updates

Discover. Share. Applause…Chart!

Shred out your best riff then SixString-it. Users can choose to post on other social media like Facebook or Twitter as well. It’s also a good way to touch base with your band members for songwriting and more. Others like it for connecting with their favorite players. For instance, learn how your favorite guitarist arrived at her sound or technique.

Are you an instructor? This app makes sense in that arena, too. Use it to communicate with students or instructors for quick tips or advice.

With all the new apps out there, SixString sounds like a good way to plug into the guitar community.

Users can share their work and pose questions, too. Perhaps you’re searching for a Vintage Wah Wah pedal, or another hard-to-find effect or piece of equipment? SixString helps you target your audience.

You can also applaud your favorite posts. In turn, the more applause you get, causes your ranking to “rise” on the “charts.”

To get a free download visit SixString: The Social Network App for Guitarists



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