Dropbox: Access and Share Photos, Videos and Docs Anytime, Anywhere

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People are always on the go. They are either out with friends, out with family, or having meetings with industry professionals.  For most of us, being on the go is part of our daily lives and it has made some things a little difficult. Working on the go is even harder when you have countless emails, documents, or memos to sort through. Those that work on the go have had to carry around flash drives or E-mail themselves over and over to move their documents. Things have developed in recent years such as: laptops, smart phones, and tablets. These were developed to make life easier when we are constantly on the move. Another thing that was developed recently and has made life easier is DROPBOX.

Dropbox is a file hosting service that offers cloud storage and file synchronization. What that means is when you put a file in Dropbox, you can access it anywhere you can access Dropbox.  You can access Dropbox various ways:  online on any computer, your tablet, or even your smart phone. With this ease of access you can find files with a breeze and not worry about having your documents for work or play. Dropbox is similar to iCloud, Google Drive, or Skydive. What separates Dropbox from the rest is how easy it is to use. Dropbox is a great file hosting service for anyone. The services include but are not limited to automatic camera uploads for your smart phone and automatic updates when you edit files.

Not only is Dropbox good for the average person, it’s also an amazing service for musicians. As a musician, some documents are used daily (EPK, Latest Album, Passwords, Bank Info, ect…) When you are on the road or simply not at home, you can access your those documents anywhere with an internet connection. Dropbox gives you a ton of sharing options (E-mail, Copy Link, Facebook, Twitter, Bluetooth, etc…). All these options are accessible from any Dropbox capable device. As a musician and away from homem you live on your laptop or phone. This means that it’s important that they can get to their documents. Dropbox is a secure and easy way to host files online. I recommend this to anyone really, but musicians can definitely benefit from this greatly.

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