Product Review: Thalia Capo

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As seen in Guitar Girl Magazine Issue 5

The Thalia Capo in Chrome Finish with Black Ripple Inlay arrived in the upgraded Celebrity Gift Box packaging, which includes 2-pull out drawers with a slot for each of the 14 fretpads included with every capo (included with standard packaging). What a beautiful way to store your capo and accessories when not in use. I was excited to use it ASAP. Trying it out at my next gig, I was amazed that I could place it from the top or from under and that immediately it was in place. When playing, I had no buzz across the strings, which a lot of the time happens with regular capos I have used. Trying to adjust the capo in between songs is always an issue, especially when you can’t tell if a string will buzz until you are starting your song. This one just went right into place every time, no problem.

This capo felt like magic in my hands and on the neck of the guitar. I also loved the way that it can sit behind the nut rather than on the headstock of the guitar where they sometimes get squeezed out by a small tuner.

Included with every capo is a series of fretpads that match the fretboard radius of your guitar (chart included), and also includes fretpads for the mandolin, banjo, ukulele, and 12 string instruments. These are simple to replace as the mechanism to put the capo on your guitar is the same way to release the fretpad in order to try a different one. Once you figure it out, it is simple.

In my opinion, Thalia Capos are pretty amazing tools for string instrument players from a usability standpoint, as well as aesthetically. Prices seem to start at around $74.99 depending on the materials and go up from there.

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