Product Review: iRig Keys I/O 25

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Once again, IK Multimedia has come out with yet another amazing tool that makes creativity on the go that much easier. I had the opportunity to try out the iRig Keys I/O 25 (there is also a 49 key version) for a few days, and I fell in love with the mobility and the sound quality that have made IK Multimedia leaders in their market.

While unboxing the very compact 25 key controller with an audio interface, I was immediately impressed with the very sturdy, full size keys. As with their other products, this controller is compatible with Mac, iPad, iPhone, and PC. Whether it’s your mobile device or desktop, set up is quick and easy.

The controller itself can work with 4 AA batteries or an external power supply (sold separately). It also comes with a full version of Sample Tank 3 Sound and Grove workstation, Pro-V Vintage synthesizer for Mac/PC and Sample Tank and Syntronik Pro-V for iPhone and iPad. Also available is Miroslav Philharmonik software for Mac/PC and a mobile version, but I did not work with that particular software.


Some of the controller features include several comprehensive controls such as a programmable slider strip for pitch and modulation, octave, program change and transport controls, 5 programmable encoders, and 8 velocity sensitive, multicolored, assignable pads. It has a Neutrik combo input jack for connecting an instrument cable or an XLR cable. A 48v phantom power with a class A mic preamp onboard is also available in case you want to use a condenser mic.

Remaining true to all of their other IK Multimedia products I’ve tried over the years, the sound quality is amazing, and the sample rate goes up to 96 kHz and has a bit depth of up to 24 bits.

For my demonstration of the controller, I hooked it up to my iPad and used GarageBand. The controller is very easy to use and is compatible with a bunch of high quality software. It has a ton of great built-in features all while retailing for $199.99.

It’s a great value for a fantastic product that will help you take your creativity on the road- to the next level.


  • All-in-one, fully portable, ultra-compact MIDI controller
  • 25 full-size keys and smooth, velocity-sensitive, synth-action keybed
  • 24-bit / 96kHz audio interface for iPhone, iPad, Mac and PC
  • Easily transportable, fits anywhere
  • 48V phantom power button
  • Powered by USB, 4 AA batteries or optional external power supply (charges your iOS device)
  • Comes with a suite of professional software


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