Fear The Riff Effects, Pedals and Guitar Gear Expo held on August 11

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The Fear the Riff Effects, Pedals and Guitar Gear Expo was held on Saturday, August 11 at the Brooklyn Expo Center in Brooklyn, New York, and was attended by many guitar and effects pedal companies across the U.S.

Meet and Greet tables were set-up throughout the Expo with signings by Zakk Wylde, Chris Caffery, John Petrucci, Tosin Abasi, Jake Bowen, and Angel Vivaldi.  Sam Ash had a demo room set up where clinics and performances were held throughout the day.

We caught up with a few manufacturers to see what they were showcasing at this year’s event.

BOSS showcased their new line of products including the GT1000 digital effects switch. This pedal was designed to have more of an authentic and real sound compared to other digital effects processors. It also features color coding effects channels for the channel switcher.


Their previously released Acoustic Singer guitar amp was showcased and is specifically designed to give acoustic guitars more of a natural unplugged amplified sound by raising the highs and lows of the output sound.

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 They also featured two solid-state amps that were designed to give a more authentic sound similar to a tube amp. These amps also included digital effects built into the amp.


Dunable Guitars is a local guitar company based out of Los Angeles that focuses on building custom guitars from the ground up for their customers.

Electrofaustus Pedals was a company that worked in making “noise” pedals that could be plugged in through a loop of guitar pedals. They focus on making interesting percussive sounds or tones, and a user can even play through their guitar to add to all the different sounds some of these pedals can make. A demo of their “Drone Thing” pedal can be found HERE for a better description of how they perform. Another video demonstrating the Blackfly pedal can be found HERE.






LEH Guitars are handmade in NYC by Lisa Ellis Hahn and can be made by a custom order. For more information, visit her website Visit her website HERE




Vitucci Amps is based in Connecticut and primarily focus on making tube amps and cabinets made to custom order from Connecticut. They do have a couple of models for sale on their website, but mostly make amps to a custom order. Find out more at their website HERE.






Other exhibitor booths we visited were Fender to check out their effects pedals launched earlier this year (stay tuned for our review), PRS Guitars, Gibson Guitars, Fuzzrocious Pedals, Reverend Guitars, Dusky, main.ace.fx, Dusky, and Daredevil Pedals.

Fender Effects Pedals
PRS Guitars
Gibson Guitars
Fuzzrocious Pedals
Fuzzrocious Pedals
Reverend Guitars


Daredevil Pedals

~Esa Serog

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