The All New LA Music Awards Launches November 2016

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Three Winners Will Be Awarded A Recording Contract Valued At $100,000

Los Angeles, CA – Monday, August 24, 2015 – The All New LA Music Awards is celebrating its 25th anniversary with a three-day event on November 8-11, 2016, at the historic Avalon Theatre in Hollywood, California, and this time with a facelift. The LA Music Awards is an international online competition award show where fans can vote their favorite artists to the top. After more than 24 years as CEO, Al Bowman sold his interest, and there is a new creative team in place who plan to take the show to the next level.

This plan to secure the rights came from USC business school student Natalia Alexandra, who participated as a spokesmodel in last year’s show. Natalia and her team organized funding partnerships with Digital Radio Tracker, Rock Star University Records, Virdition, and V Squared to re-launch the show, giving it a sexy makeover. “This new LA Music Awards model creates an easier, less expensive, and more efficient way for an artist to enter the competition. Once entered, their only job is to engage their fans to vote them to the top,” says Natalia, who hopes the 25th Anniversary show will be a fresh way to discover independent artists from all over the world.

With this streamlined sign-up process, artists in the categories of Pop, Rock, and Country can enter online by creating an artist page. Once entered, it is all up to the fans to vote their favorites into the Top 10. The Top 10 in each genre will then be flown to Los Angeles, with hotel and airfare expenses paid, to walk the red carpet and perform for the top spot on the televised awards show in front of a group of industry judges. 

The top winner in each category will receive a recording contract valued at more than $100,000 through Rock Star University Records. They will be flown back to the West Coast to record a 10-track studio album with a famed producer, while retaining 100 percent of the rights to their music.

The LA Music Awards three-day event will kick off on November 8-11, 2016. Sign-ups begin now through September 18, 2016. Artists can log on to the new, revamped homepage to start their journey to Hollywood.


About Natalia Alexandra

Natalia Alexandra is a student and entrepreneur, born and raised in Santa Cruz, California, who moved to Santa Rosa while in high school. During that time, she attended summer sessions each year at Stanford University in the Junior State of America program, which prepares high school students for life-long involvement and responsible leadership in a democratic society. At the age of 16 she wrote her first book, Olympus is Falling, on the history of taxation and the dangers of the progressive tax system on our country. At 17, Natalia entered USC as a business major with an emphasis in cinematic arts, with the goal to secure an Entertainment Law degree from USC over six years. Last year she was voted the Producer’s Choice Award in the category of Spokesmodel of the Year at the LA Music Awards. Recognizing that the LA Music Awards could be taken to a much higher level through a worldwide online competition and televised awards show platform, Natalia organized sponsors and secured the rights to the show from the former CEO, Al Bowman.

About LA Music Awards

The LA Music Awards is an international online competition and televised awards show that began 1990 in Hollywood, California.  Everyone from Slash to Joe Walsh, Jackson Browne, and Paula Abdul have made their way to the notable red carpet event, which highlights up-and-coming artists from around the world by crowning four ultimate winners in Pop, Rock, Country, and newly added Supermodel categories.

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