Spector Releases Tribute Bass to Honor 40th Anniversary at Summer NAMM 2017

Spector EURO4LE1977_1W0A6533
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Melville, NY – July 13th, 2017 – Spector, known for its beautifully hand-crafted, custom made basses, has just launched the Euro4LE1977, a new addition to the boutique line. Precision crafted in the Czech Republic, the Euro4 1977 shares the same construction as the original “Brooklyn bass” crafted by Stuart Spector 40 years ago, including solid American Walnut body wings, a three-piece Maple neck, Rosewood fingerboard, and the classic DiMarzio Model P pickup. Available in limited quantities throughout 2017 only, the Euro4 1977 is the ultimate tribute to Stuart Spector’s legendary craftsmanship.

Spector EURO4LE1977_1W0A6488 “Spector is a legendary brand whose designs have revolutionized the bass world,” says John Stippell, Product Manager for Guitar Brands at Korg USA. “40 years later, the impact of Stuart Spector’s forward-thinking design can be seen throughout the industry. It is an honor and privilege to Spector on reintroducing this original design to a whole new generation of players,” Stippell conludes.

The Euro4LE1977 will be available in July 2017 for $2499.99 and will be showcased at Summer NAMM’17 at the Korg USA booth #953. For more information, visit http://www.spectorbass.com/.

Spector EURO4LE1977_Front

Spector EURO4LE1977_Slant



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