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NASHVILLE, TENN. (October 10th, 2018) – Perkins Entertainment teams up with Music Like A Lady & The Local to present the Girls’ Rule! Showcase featuring Casi Joy, Stella Jones, Tiera, Jessica Mack, Brinn Black, and Jenny Tolman on Tuesday, October 23rd at 6 pm.

We’re super excited to present an all-female round with some of the top Nashville artists,” explains co-host Trevor Perkins. “We’ve received a very high interest in our platform at Music Like A Lady. This is just one of the new ways we will be spotlighting the female talent in the area.

Cassie Lynn Wells of Cassie’s Kick-Ass Country and editor of CMchatLive and Trevor Perkins CEO/Founder of Music Update Central launched Music Like A Lady; a female community in January of 2018. They’ve shared podcast episodes with Heather Land, Jenn Bostic, Ashlyn Grace, Jenna Paulette, plus many other female artists.

For more information about Music Like a Lady and future showcases, please visit www.musiclikealady.com.

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