For the Littlest Monsters: ‘Rockabye Baby! Lullaby Renditions of Lady Gaga’ out today

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The Rockabye Baby! series was created by Lisa Roth and is a series of CDs of music by rock, rap, and pop icons turned into lullabies that have garnered praise from The New York Times, NPR, Pitchfork, Vice Noisey, and more.

Their newest creation released today includes some of Lady Gaga’s biggest hits including “Born This Way” and “Poker Face,” and “Bad Romance.” The entire track listing can be seen below.

Press Release:

On September 21, reformed club kids and ‘Joanne’ stans alike will receive the gift of Rockabye Baby, Lullaby Renditions of Lady Gaga to help send their own little monsters off to sleep. Because there are a “Million Reasons,” this collection trades Berlin-banger basslines for gentle glockenspiel melodies, putting baby on the right track to embrace that they were “Born This Way”.

Mellowing out a decade of iconic hits from “Just Dance”, to “Perfect Illusion”, Rockabye Baby, Lullaby Renditions of Lady Gaga will make sure everyone gets enough sleep to put them on “The Edge of Glory”.

Rockabye Baby, Lullaby Renditions of Lady Gaga track listing:

  1. Born This Way
  2. The Edge of Glory
  3. Bad Romance
  4. Poker Face
  5. Just Dance
  6. Alejandro
  7. Paparazzi
  8. Telephone
  9. Perfect Illusion
  10. Applause
  11. Yoü and I
  12. Million Reasons

More on Rockabye Baby:

Since 2006, Silver Lake, CA’s Rockabye Baby has taken the sounds of Beyoncé, Justin Timberlake, Adele, Metallica, Taylor Swift, blink-182, and more and turned them into catchy, instrumental lullabies. Rockabye Baby has sold over 1.8 million CDs and 2 million digital track downloads while garnering over 337 million streams from close to 100 releases. The series has earned praise from Billboard, Entertainment Weekly, HuffPost, Pitchfork, Stereogum, Vice Noisey, and NPR Music, who calls the series “fully realized and deftly orchestrated.”

Recent Rockabye Baby releases include Who Runs the World, a compilation of lullaby-ified hits by female pop stars–from which 20% of Rockabye Baby’s proceeds will be donated to Planned Parenthood–, as well as lullaby albums featuring the music of the Beastie Boys, Johnny Cash, Bruno Mars, and more. All Rockabye Baby releases are available for streaming and purchase on iTunes, Amazon, and the Rockabye Baby site.



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