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Available everywhere tomorrow, Friday, Sept. 21, “Arms of A Lion” is a track from Heather Morgan’s Paul Moak-produced debut album ‘Borrowed Heart.’ Morgan and fellow songwriter Lori McKenna co-wrote the track at McKenna’s home in Massachusetts on an organ, and then recorded it together for the record. McKenna joins Morgan for vocals on this track.

Heather says:

“In the arms of a lion” was an idea I’d come up with just driving around and talking into my phone. I had a write with Lori McKenna up in Massachusetts, and I remember we had finished one song on the first day of a three-day writing trip. I was so excited to share the idea with her. We were about to leave her house and go to dinner, and I asked her if I could share what I wanted to write the next day. When I did, I could tell on her face that her wheels were turning, and she got my idea right away. She got up and went over to this organ she has in her writing room and played this beautiful melody and started singing the words “Shouldn’t love be easy…” and I knew it was going to turn in to this beautiful piece of art the next day.

To me, the song is definitely something that is rooted in learning from relationships and be too trusting sometimes of something or someone. It also has another side to the coin for me. I think the “Lion” in the song also represents the lie we buy into — whether it’s fear or a narrative that tells us we aren’t good enough or capable. I sometimes think of the “Lion” as the music business and how the way it is is how it has to be. I laid down in the arms of a lion. I thought it was safe… thought I was protected…thought it was love. But it’s a freakin lion…. run.”

Morgan’s debut album ‘Borrowed Heart’ bows October 5.

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