Anne-Marie Releases Her New Video For New Single “Perfect To Me”

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Anne-Marie is delighted to announce her new video for “Perfect To Me”, a reworked version of her song “Perfect” – a track featured on her Gold certified debut album ‘Speak Your Mind’. With a heartening and empowering message tackled with sensitivity and wit, “Perfect To Me”, produced by Rice N’ Peas (G-Eazy, Bazzi), celebrates Anne-Marie’s imperfections and ones perception of what ‘perfect’ represents, as channelled in the beautifully authentic, accompanying official video.


Anne-Marie recently spoke to Huffington Post about the song and her struggles with “not being perfect.”  She is one of the very few public figures using her social platforms to spread authenticity in the body positive movement. For her, some days are better than others, and her Instagram feed is representative of that. She is just as quick to share her insecurities as she is to talk about how she has reached a place of more self-acceptance. It seems small, but it’s actually pretty revolutionary.

In other news, Anne-Marie, a karate world champion 3x over in Shotokan, has just started her own YouTube series ‘Karate With Anne-Marie‘. A recent episode sees The Vamps getting put thru the paces. Anne-Marie will continue to launch episodes with some of her celeb friends on a regular basis.

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