Alt pop icon Lisey Tigra states she’s not your average popstar in hypnotic new single ‘Criminal Mind’

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Alternative pop icon Lisey Tigra is set to change the world of dark-pop forever. Known for her angelic voice and creating a safe haven within her music for her fans, Lisey is back with her most iconic release to date, ‘Criminal Mind’. Clearly stating she’s not your average pop star, Lisey’s latest musical journey will take you through all the emotions. Produced by Brett Shaw, ‘Criminal Mind’ is an enchanting upbeat track that radiates empowerment. Receiving previous praise from BBC Introducing, VENTS, FAME Magazine & She Makes Music to name a few, Lisey Tigra is certainly turning heads in the industry. 

Sharing her thoughts on the transcending new single, Lisey explains, “‘Criminal Mind’ is about that moment when you realise that you don’t want someone, you want to be them. It’s about wanting to embody strength, bravery and ambition. It is also about embracing your duality; your light and your darkness, your masculine and feminine energy.”

Based in London and claiming her rightful place in one of the strongest music scenes in the world, Lisey Tigra deserves to be a household name. A huge advocate in feminism, Lisey had this to say, “I strongly believe in female empowerment and in embracing duality and fluidity. We need to stop categorising women and start to accept that we can be many things, and that we are constantly evolving. I believe in supporting and encouraging other women to follow their dreams and be more present and respected in creative industries. One of my goals as an artist is to inspire young girls and teach them to value and love themselves, to be strong and brave.”

A passionate role model that will inspire a nation, Lisey Tigra creates a confident, safe-haven for fans throughout ‘Criminal Mind’. Hoping to bring positivity and inspire others with her empowering music, Lisey has been through the tough times too. During her teenage years, the songwriter endured a lot of bullying and name-calling at school. Turning to music as a helping hand, Lisey learnt how to play guitar and the rest is simply history. When Lisey moved to London to study music, she hoped to become a session guitar player, but after playing for different artists, she realised that she wanted the full spotlight. 

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