Los Angeles duo Howls “Come On” EP out Now on Buddyhead Records

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Annalee Fery and Christian Stone of Howls are quintessential artists. They are constantly creating. Time, emotional politics, and the chemistry and ego, both good and bad that take place in band and collaborative settings has never detered either musician from making art. For them making music is as essential to life as oxygen.

Fery and Stone have known each other for over a decade.  Over the years they have crossed paths and casually worked on music with one another in various settings and circumstances. Among them, as members of Los Angeles buzz bands Monsters are Waiting (Fery) and Campfire Girls (Stone).  They’ve always respected each other’s talents. But only in the past two years did time and their intuitions align to begin making music together, and what they found is that indescribable magic that only happens between two people who were destine to collaborate.

“Ferry and Stone’s colorful musicianship stands alone, with a charismatic quality that establishes a vibrant and exciting pace of momentum. ” – The Aquarian

After finally taking the leap to work together after all these years, the passing of time is coincidentally, a common theme through out Come On. The dark synth-pop track  “Krusht” laments past summer love affairs, and the post punk inspired “Dance Assassin” that pulsates a desperate desire to hold on to a moment of companionship in a cloud of loneliness.

“Their unique and moody synth soundscapes drip with an unrequited ache—a sense that despite the fact that everything eventually ends, there is warmth and comfort in the memories of our own experiences, even if they aren’t ones we’d necessarily want to revisit.” – Nooga

Laced with frosty synths and a cold, throbbing drum beat, the duo shed light on what happened to these two former lovers in the form of a story in miniature. – The Deli  Magazine ( on Krusht)

For Come On Howls opened up their creative universe, for the first time to an outside pair of ears and brought in producer Jon Siebels. Siebels simplified their sound to focus on the strength of the songs by stripping away all of the layers of traditional instrumentation and focusing on synths and programmed drums. “The process was fast! “ says Annalee. “I’m too much of a perfectionist and John was awesome at not letting us over think and trust our instincts for these songs. There is also a level of comfort working with old friends”

For Howls Come On is just the next step in their sonic journey. “I don’t think we’ve found a sound per say. “ says Fery “I don’t think of music that way. I think of it as something fluid that is ever changing and evolving.” 

Source:  Press Release

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