Lisa Mitchell Releases Official Video for “Warriors” from new album with the same name

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Australian singer-songwriter Lisa Mitchell has released the ethereal official video for the song Warriors, from her new album of the same name. The video is Part Two of a visual story told through two tracks from the album – Warriors and WarholBoth stunning videos were directed by award-winning Australian writer/director Vanessa Gazy and features Australian actor Hunter Page-Lochard (Cleverman, The Sapphires).


Warriors, along with Warhol, was shot over three days last year and was a close collaboration between Vanessa and Lisa, who features alongside Page-Lochard in the clip, which was launched last night at Golden Age in Sydney. Vanessa said that she was “inspired by the evocative visuals of the two songs – which draw upon the headiness, heartbreak and unbearable beauty of adolescence – we have worked to create a single story arc spanning the two ‘sister’ videos. In the same way as the tracks have different energies, we’ve made two videos that are designed to be both distinct from each other and inherently connected.

The videos work together to tell a symbolic story of an emotional breaking-down, then the journey towards fortification and rebuilding. In the context of the theme of adolescence that runs throughout Lisa’s album, the arc of these videos can be seen of a kind of quest for the essential self, and a movement over the threshold from the naiveté and innocence of childhood to adulthood. In this story, as in many coming-of-age stories, it is a painful breaking and tearing that prompts this transition.”

Lisa Mitchell is pleased to announce details of her new album Warriors set for release on April 14th through Play It Again Sam, and as a taster shares new track The Boys.

Warriors sees Mitchell team up with US producer Eric J Dubowsky (Chet Faker, Flume), who has brought a new dimension to her songs, combining the beguiling charm of her songwriting with a new found electronic influence. Having already achieved Top Ten status in her native Australia, Warriors’ resultant ten tracks portray a lightness of groove that hasn’t previously been a focus of Mitchell’s music and consequently mirrors a shift in both her listening habits and personal taste.

As Mitchell herself explains; “This album is personal. There’s a lot of thinking about my own kind of mythology of myself, my life, why things are the way they are. And a lot of it is to do with childhood.”

Mitchell’s songwriting intuition has benefitted from a widely travelled CV through both playing live and her own excursions, and this exploration has profoundly altered her perspective; both from where she came from and who she is. Closer to home comes album opener The Boys, narrating the literal experience of a typical summers day driving around Sydney with a group of male friends mourning the death of one of their dads, warm vocals ambling over a bed of skittering percussion.  The track was added to the playlist of Australia’s highly influential Triple J national radio station, and ‘boysing’ – lip-synching to the song while laying on one’s front! – has become something of a viral phenomenon down under.

Warriors will be available digitally and on CD through Play it Again Sam, pre-order here

Tracklisting:  Lisa Mitchell Warriors

The Boys
So Wild
I Remember Love
What Is Love
Wherever You Go
Love, Death




Source:  Press Release

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