Guitar Man: Six Strings of Separation Released

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Guitar Man: Six Strings of Separation released via Hal Leonard Books.  

Funny, entertaining, and informative tales from one man’s lifelong search for vintage guitars.

You likely haven’t heard this man’s music on the airwaves, and for good reason. To quote the great Jelly Roll Morton, “He can’t play his way out of no paper bag.” But, if you have an old Gibson, Fender, or Martin guitar under your bed, Michael Indelicato is your man. Your Guitar Man.

 From Moose Jaw to Mobile, “Guitar Man” Michael Indelicato has spent over 20 years and has covered more than a million miles in his search for vintage guitars. He stops at every pawnshop, flea market, and even the occasional garbage dump in hopes of finding yet another of these coveted instruments. And yes, he has bought (and sold) thousands of them – including many of the most valuable and iconic guitars in existence. 

 Guitar Man: Six Strings of Separation (November 2015, Hal Leonard Books, $24.99) is a collection of Indelicato’s best stories from the road.  He started collecting these rare guitars at age 16, and, 40 years later, he has made a fortune in this pursuit. Along the way, he has put guitars into the hands of many of the world’s best-known musical artists.  George Harrison, Eric Clapton, Ronnie Montrose, Johnny Winter, and dozens more members of the guitar elite have crossed paths with the Guitar Man. 

Part treasure hunter, part door-to-door salesmen, part historian, these are his stories: the soaring successes, the stinging failures, and the insane coincidences that have befallen a man who gave up a lucrative corporate career to follow his musical muse.  

About the Author:  Michael Indelicato is a long-time vintage guitar collector and dealer, writer, art collector, film and music producer, and raconteur. His published articles include “Waterfowl Decoys of the Pacific Coast” (The Magazine Antiques, Sept. 2003), and “Gibbon’s Message of Imperial Moderation in The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire” (Cambridge Review of International Affairs, 1989). He is a graduate of the University of California, Berkeley, and holds a master’s degree and a law degree from the University of Cambridge.  He lives in Sausalito, Calif.

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