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Erica Synths and Snazzy FX team up as Snazzy LV to bring back effects pedals with a cult following — The MINI-ARK, TRACER CITY, and WOW and FLUTTER

Riga, Latvia — Erica Synths has joined forces with Snazzy FX to reintroduce three effects pedals — The MINI-ARK, TRACER CITY, and WOW and FLUTTER — which have garnered a cult following among musicians seeking to create experimental sounds since their original release in 2010. Operating under the moniker Snazzy LV, Erica Synths and Snazzy FX hope to inspire a new crop of musicians to expand their sonic boundaries and explore their creative impulses with the psychedelic sounds these effects pedals produce.

Now manufactured in Latvia by Erica Synths, the new editions of the Snazzy LV effects pedals will feature a more compact, heavy-duty chassis with solid build quality, while keeping the authentic sound of the Snazzy FX pedals from the original run, ensuring the new editions will not only stand the test of time, but will turn heads wherever musicians take them. The MINI-ARK, TRACER CITY, and WOW and FLUTTER effects pedals are ideally suited not only for guitar and bass players, but also for experimental musicians and synthesists alike, both onstage and in the studio.

The MINI-ARK is a monophonic tracking device — meaning that it works very differently on different types of sounds. For example, a monophonic guitar line is going to achieve far different results than a super-compressed drum track. Snazzy LV recommends that the user thinks first about the source they are putting into the box, and then adjust accordingly.

The MINI-ARK was designed with four goals in mind: 1) to work with as many different signals as possible; 2) to track quickly; 3) to allow for subtle, as well as incredible sounds; 4) to allow basic control over an external VCO and ADSR/VCA when using a bass or guitar using GATE and SQUARE outputs (GATE connects to the GATE IN on an ADSR, and SQUARE connects to the SYNC IN on an external VCO).

TRACER CITY is in many ways very similar to what you might find on an old (or new) analog synthesizer. The main components of a synthesizer that TRACER CITY has are filters, an oscillator (which can also be used as an LFO), and a Pseudo-Random LFO with lag. TRACER CITY also has an envelope follower (with up or down response) with lag, which works well with drums, loops, or other percussive instrumentation.

Like a synthesizer, TRACER CITY allows its multi-mode filter to be controlled by two external CV sources. Users can also plug audio sources into these inputs, creating frequency modulation of the filter. For users familiar with modular synthesizers or analog synths, the control names will be self-explanatory, and the user will simply need to get a hang of the layout and get used to the way the modulators are routed to the filter.

WOW and FLUTTER is an incredibly versatile delay device, certain to add an extremely unique texture to the user’s playing or productions. Users can run stems or mixes through WOW and FLUTTER to add an out-of-this-world quality, thicken up synth parts instantly, or use it on vocals to add mystery. Users with a guitar will be amazed at how many different colors can be achieved with just this one box.

Each new Snazzy pedal is available on www.ericasynths.lv

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