Caparison Horus-M3 CC, New “Greenie” Finish, Courtney Cox Signature Model

Following on from the success for the Pink Sapphire and by popular demand, Caparison Guitars is proud to announce the release of the Horus-M3 CC “Greenie”, Courtney Cox (The Iron Maidens, The Starbreakers, Femme Fatale & Solo Artist) Signature model.

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The Horus-M3 CC is available to pre-order now for December delivery, MAP of US$ 2,799.

“Every artist searches for the instruments that bring out the best in them. An instrument that transforms their creations into life. As a guitarist, I have searched for and have found an instrument that brings out the best in my passion for music. That guitar is the Caparison
Horus-M3 CC. From its full in your face tone that cuts through any stage to its fast five piece neck, I am confident in saying that this hand crafted masterpiece is the best guitar I have ever played hands down. It is an honor to be a part of the Caparison family, a relationship will hold dear throughout my career as an artist.” Courtney Cox

The Courtney Cox Signature Horus-M3 CC is based on the legendary Caparison Horus-M3
with some subtle but, effective modifications and built to shred! Featuring a luxurious 5-
piece maple and walnut neck, which has been strengthened in order to deepen the neck
joint heel cut giving superb access to the higher frets.

The robust Schaller S-FRT II floating tremolo has been modified with a FU-Tone Big Brass
Block along with Heavy Duty noiseless springs to add mass and sustain, while increasing
warmth and clarity simultaneously with a vintage sound and feel.  The bridge has also been
modified with FU-Tone Titanium string lock insert blocks and Stainless Steel saddle
mounting screws for ultimate durability and tonal response.

Now available in “Greenie” fluorescent green, signature Caparison sponge finish, which is a
uniquely hand painted technique making each guitar a completely unique example.

The Horus-M3 CC comes complete with a combination of a Caparison SH-27F pickup in the neck position, and a Caparison PH-bc in the bridge position. Offering a full and accurate sound, with nice clean, clear, crisp highs. Full and thick low tones. Able to handle big chords and still be clear enough to hear every note.

Founded in 1995 Caparison Guitars are handcrafted boutique instruments made in Japan and to the highest quality and specification. Their aim is to make the highest possible quality and best sounding guitars that you will ever play.

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