Brianna Lea Pruett’s Gypsy Bells Released Via Canyon Records

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Canyon Records released the “breathtaking folk” and “quiet bucolic beauty” of Brianna Lea Pruett’s stunning collection of songs that form her debut Gypsy Bells. Paste Magazine continues to champion Pruett by premiering the entirety of Gypsy Bells saying “Brianna Lea Pruett has captivated us with her sweet vocals and rustic lyrics.

Gypsy Bells is as informed by Pruett’s Cherokee and Choctaw heritage as it is her parent’s vinyl collection, with influences ranging from Leonard Cohen and Emmylou Harris to Pruett’s personal discoveries of Mazzy Star and Neko Case. Gypsy Bells cuts to the quick within the simplicity and poignant themes across the range of the album seeming juxtaposed to the richness of Pruett’s Native American heritage and her California folk traditions.

“Your songs sound just like mine” – Daniel Johnston

Much of Brianna’s Gypsy Bells, particularly “It’s All Right” comes in the form of self-examination and life in the moment… “We can write our own life story, we get to choose ourselves, our integrity, our responses, our passions, our vices. It’s definitely a freedom song,” says Pruett. “Dream this life with me. What’s the best thing we can dream together? Who are you in the dream? That’s what this song is about. Dream something you like.”

Gypsy Bells is out now on Canyon Records. 

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Track Listing:

1. No Diamond Ring
2. New Life
3. Seeds of Love
4. Gypsy Balls
5. Sun on the Mountain
6. Shine for You
7. Marry That Boy
8. Love My Free
9. It’s All Right
10. Red Jacket
11. Under Your Wing
12. Live Wire

Source:  Press Release

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