Arts Education: A Lesson of Unity

The Fight is on to Keep Arts in Education

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With National Arts in Education week upon us, it is time we took a long hard look at the state of art programs in our schools.

While classes geared towards music, drawing, dance, or drama used to be staples in school schedules, they are now considered a luxury. Sure, children can explore them, but only on their own time and on their parents’ dime.

It is a sad reality that, as budgets dwindle and belts tighten, school curriculums are regularly being drawn up with no arts programs to offset academic classes.

We are certainly not saying that traditional subjects, like math or science, are any less important than art programs. What we are saying is that the chasm left in an artless curriculum goes beyond saving money on paints or guitars.

Neve from WeTheParents has shared this visualization of 51 benefits of art education, which illustrates that the advantages provided by being immersed in creative arts are profound; they shape a sense of self and identity, nurturing confidence, and open young people up to a world outside of their immediate environment.

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It’s also important not to view music and art as simply a “fluffy and fun” way to boost academic performance. Although there is certainly evidence that suggests Arts Education can enhance traditional academic outcomes these programs offer so much more.

Keeping the arts in our schools isn’t just about teaching children the best way to strum a chord or how to recite Shakespeare convincingly; Arts Education has been shown to bring together children who might otherwise never have a common ground on which to socialize. It can create a sense of community and can even reduce dropout rates. Art really does bring strangers together in meaningful ways!

The reality of the world today can seem bleak; from politics to social class, people are more divided than ever. This is why we must nurture the things that bring us together, that bring our kids together. Arts Education is one of those things, and it needs to stay in all of our schools.

Guest Blogger – Neve Spicer

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