Mexico City-based Singer-Songwriter Carla Sariñana discusses solo project Silver Rose

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Mexico City-based singer-songwriter and bassist Carla Sariñana is better known as a rocker with the all-female rock band Ruido Rosa, however, she was also drawn to the genre of shoegaze dream pop with it’s “trans like state.” In 2015, she spent six months in Los Angeles and began writing the music and lyrics for a solo project she would call Silver Rose, a six song EP comprised of “honest, heartfelt stories of love, dreams, perseverance and hope; they are delivered with bravery, vulnerability and tenderness, all wrapped up in an exciting wall of sound with melodic cascading guitars” says Peter Caspian “Caspian” Lennox, Founder – Presana Music Group.

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Carla filled us in on her desire to fulfill this dream to pursue a new genre, a little about Silver Rose, her background in music, and more.

Hi, Carla!  Thanks for taking the time to fill us in your projects.  First, tell us about your solo project and EP Silver Rose and your love of shoegaze dream pop.  What was it that drew you to that genre?

I was listening to a lot of psychedelic and shoegaze and really identified personally with the genre. I knew I wanted to play something similar to that, it was like a side of myself I didn’t realize I had. I loved the way it gets you into a trans like state, takes you to a calm place. I also wanted to write and compose songs without really having to depend on other people to finish the idea. So, I got into vocal and guitar lessons, to get the basics down and just started working and getting my ideas out there. I never really thought anything would come out of it, but once I uploaded some demos to Soundcloud, I got contacted by several people wanting to listen to more. It all came together.

What was the inspiration behind the music on Silver Rose and the recording process for the EP?

I was very influenced by The Jesus and Mary Chain, Mazzy Star, and The Black Ryder while composing the songs. I also think the fact that I was living in L.A really influenced my writing. I was also having a long-distance relationship – so that maybe had a lot to do with some lyrics, as well.

What’s your favorite song on the EP and why?

Every song has a different place in my heart, but I love to play “Where I Left My Heart” live; it’s really deep and powerful. I think it’s one of my favorites on the record.

You play bass for the all-female rock band Ruido Rosa, as well.  Are you still actively involved in performing with them?

Yes! We actually finished our new EP and are going on tour in July through Mexico. I move both projects.

When did you first get involved in music and who were some of your musical influences?  

I started playing bass when I was 15. My main influences back then were Led Zeppelin, Radiohead, Pink Floyd and a lot of Classic Rock, but also The Donnas, Bikini Kill and many women in rock like PJ Harvey and Patti Smith. The more I got into playing, the more I was influenced by women in rock.

What equipment do you use for live performances?

I love Ampeg, Fender and Orange bass Amps…they get my sound. Fender basses are a must for me, Jazz and Precision mostly. I also use an overdrive compressor from FULLTONE (Bass – drive), I love it, it’s the best pedal. I have more pedals, but that´s the one I always use.

I noticed on your Instagram account you’re a new mother.  Any advice to those balancing a musical career and motherhood? 

Yes! Patience I guess, and never stop doing what you love. You can always work things out and keep doing what you want to do, you just have to be very organized. Be professional and perseverant. Patience and enjoy every minute of it.

Silver Rose Track Listing:

Sueños de Amor
Take Me Home
I’m Alright
Where I Left My Heart

Instagram: silverrosemusic
Facebook: silverrosemusic


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