Jenna Andrews
Jenna Andrews chats about her many roles in music, and how she chooses the artists she works with
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Multi-dimensional and in-demand creative executive, Jenna Andrews, wears many hats and wears them well. She wears them so well that she’s also an expert vocal producer, executive producer and arranger, and is a songwriting mentor and partner. She also is a huge part of A&R and artist development with each project she manages and maintains.

Andrews is an exclusive consultant for industry veteran Barry Weiss’ RECORDS label and is a Sony/ATV Music Publishing songwriter, that includes a roster of talented artists consisting of Noah Cyrus (sister of Miley Cyrus), “Nashville” star Lennon Stella and “The Four” star Zhavia, among numerous others. In our interview below, Jenna Andrews discusses her multiple roles and projects, including how she manages them, the artists she works with and what an empowered woman means to her.

You put the fire in ‘Woman On Fire,’ with not only being a vocal producer, executive producer and arranger, and A&R/artist development with each project…how do you manage it all, and how do you keep from burning out?

Jenna Andrews: Well for me it really all works together. Being a songwriter, I found myself really being drawn to artist projects as a whole instead of writing for pitch or doing one off songs… which is essentially development in a lot of ways… regardless of where an artist is in their career. The process of making an album requires so much attention to detail which includes vocal production of course, and the vocals play a huge part in the identity of an artist. So whether I am working with an artist as a songwriter or A&R (executive producer), I find it really all really falls into the same category for me and doesn’t seem to burn me out, mostly because everything I put my time into, I LOVE.

Why did you decide to change from performing to songwriting with Sony/ATV? What do you get creatively out of songwriting that you don’t get out of performing?

Jenna: I love being in the studio more then touring, as much as I do love performing, I love creating more.

You’ve collaborated with some big names in music, and now you focus on your intimate, creative relationships with musicians like Noah Cyrus, Zhavia & Lennon Stella. Why do you prefer to work with very few as opposed to many at a time?

Jenna: Well going back to your first question, I do feel like this helps me not burn out, in the sense that I can apply everything I have to the artists that I work with…. so focusing on these 3 girls right now is really fun and I feel like I can do a better job this way.

How do you choose the artists you work with?

Jenna: I just trust my gut, If I am constantly thinking about them and listening to their music, basically if I am a true Fan of them… it doesn’t have to be sorely based on their popularity or demand.. for me it has to come from the heart first and foremost… in my opinion, everything else will follow.

What does being an empowered woman in music mean to you?

Jenna: Pure Confidence.

Who was your first concert?

Jenna: Alanis Morissette

Which five albums or artists would you not want to live without?

Jenna: Well that’s a hard question cause most of my faves aren’t alive anymore.

Amy Winehouse

Billie Holiday

Donny Hathaway



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