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AMSTERDAM (Jan. 24, 2018) — Guitarists are a difficult lot to please and most certainly set in their ways. That’s why the guitar gurus at NEXI Industries developed the ConNEXI, a pedal board adaptor that allows players to take that classic pedal they have had for years and attach it to NEXI’s innovative pedal board. Guitarists who might have a classic tube screamer or analogue delay they cannot live without can now put that particular pedal in the chain and drain 9V power from the board.

The ConNEXI is an innovative solution that’s a direct result of listening to the needs of guitarists around the globe. It’s specially designed for players who have spent fortunes on vintage guitars and amps in search of authentic analog tones, not to mention the amount of time they’ve spent hunting and trying out pedals to emulate the music they love. The ConNEXI costs just €24.95 (approx. $30 USD) and opens a gateway of infinite possibilities to guitarists. Now players can plug in that vintage fuzz pedal that has been handed down, all without worrying if they soldered the cable correctly.

One of the biggest advantages of ConNEXI is that players will be able to use NEXI’s award-winning pedal board known as The Solution. Old pedal boards use Velcro to keep essentials like the tuner, patch cables, and power supply in place. In contrast, The Solution has a built-in power supply and tuner and requires no patch cables. It also has a built-in boost for drowning out the bassist with pure saturation.

With NEXI’s solutions, stubborn guitarists never have to choose between creative control and compatibility again. Learn more by visiting their NAMM booth #4049 or online at https://nexi.eu/products/connexi.

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