Product Review: Timber Tones Guitar Plectrums

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Timber Tones Luxury Picks is a British pick manufacturer that produces luxury guitar picks. The picks are made from various natural materials, including wood, precious metals and stone. Their website has over 15 categories to choose from. I tried two picks, the Timber Tones Electric Guitar Pick in Bloodwood and a Jazzy Tones Green Bone pick. I never thought I would call a pick beautiful, but both picks were unique and the coloring was amazing. I felt like they were pieces of art. I would like to state here that since I am a vegetarian, I don’t feel comfortable using picks make of bone or any animal byproduct, but really loved the wood and stone picks.

I prefer extra heavy picks and these picks were very heavy and the tone was also warm. The only issue for me was that I pick very hard and broke the tip of the Bloodwood electric guitar pick. I think it would be perfect for someone who plays with a lighter touch.

The Jazzy tones pick were a better fit for me, but please keep in mind my stand on being a vegetarian. The tone was bright, the material very durable, and the colors are beautiful.

Pick size is definitely personal preference; I prefer standard size picks, so I would choose the Crystal Tones picks for myself, which are made of agate and tigers eye.

I really think a lot of creativity and artistic talent goes into the design of these picks and hope everyone visits their website to see this unique product. and to find a local dealer, visit their site

~ Katrina Johannson

Editor’s Note:

We have been notified that Timber Tones is now offering the Plectrum Club where members can purchase a membership (Bronze, Silver or Gold) where members will receive a collection of guitar picks each month handpicked by the Timber Tones staff.  For more information on this program, check out their website

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