Product Review: LUNA Henna Oasis Spruce Top Acoustic Guitar: Sleek, Beautiful and Full-Featured

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Having seen the wonderful line of LUNA guitars at the recent National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) show in Anaheim, CA, I was jazzed to review the LUNA Henna Oasis Spruce Top Acoustic Guitar – Model HEN 02 SPR.

What I love is that it has it all – expressive style, easy playability and desirable features.

When I first saw it, I was instantly smitten by its alluring beauty. Its beautiful design of exotic flowers and enchanted forests is so creative and inspiring that I found myself picking it up immediately and I began to play as if charmed by a muse.

As I held it, I felt its sleek folk-sized body, 25 ½ inch scale and 1-11/16th inch wide neck fit comfortably against my body and in my hands.

I first played a few of my personal favorites (i.e. Mozart’s “Eine Kliene Nachtmusik,” Randy Rhoads “Dee,” and Led Zeppelin’s “Over The Hills And Far Away”) and it had an excellent responsive sparkle with its spruce top and mahogany sides, and resonated with a very pleasant aural beauty. A funny thing is that at this point I found myself positioned in a way as if I were dipping it in a tango.

I turned it up a notch and launched into Van Halen “Women In Love,” Bon Jovi’s “Wanted Dead or Alive,” and, lastly and admittedly, “Stairway To Heaven.” Now I was in the zone and I looked at it again thinking, “Wow, this guitar plays beautifully!”

While taking a break, I appreciated its state-of-the-art B-Band preamp tuner as it’s very convenient to use to tune up and tweak the 3-band EQ for the intimate natural acoustic tone I strive for. With its ¼ inch and XLR output jacks, I was able to listen back to my performances as the LUNA Henna Oasis records very well.

After my break, I continued by playing a personal composition that I’ve been working on to get a feel for the creativity it inspired. My fingers plucked the strings as if in an elegant dance and I found myself embellishing differently and more passionately than I had before. I was inspired to make changes which I found more pleasing and flowing. I was moved to connect with my inner musician I strive to release, which was exhilarating.

I can honestly say that I am genuinely impressed by the LUNA Henna Oasis Spruce Top Acoustic Guitar.

With its style, playability and features coupled with its sleek, comfortable feel, beautiful resonance and inspirational personality, the LUNA Henna Oasis Spruce Top has so much to offer and even more to love.


Laser etched Henna
Body: Folk
Top: Spruce
Back/Sides: Mahogany
Neck: Mahogany
Preamp/Tuner: B-Band
Scale: 251/2″
Nut: 111/16″
Finish: Satin
39 1/2″ x 147/8″ x 43/8″
5.4 lb

Priced from $399.00 HERE.

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