Product Review: iRig Mic Studio by IK Multimedia – Compact, Powerful and Fun

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This week I had the pleasure of reviewing yet another great product from IK Multimedia – The iRig Mic Studio.  This compact powerhouse of a microphone is a large diaphragm digital condenser that’s great for vocalist, musicians, podcasters, and just about anyone who wants to step up the quality of their recorded voice. The mic consists of a 1″ diameter back electret condenser capsule, a 133db SPL rating, a 24-bit audiophile grade A/D converter, and a built-in low noise high definition preamp.The mic also features a multicolor LED level indicator, a gain control knob, and a headphone jack so you can monitor the levels directly from the microphone.

Thanks to all the cool apps that IK Multimedia has to offer, you can utilize this microphone in a wide range of ways. The iRig comes with the VocaLive app, and you can expand your available features such as multitrack functions and effects processors with in app purchases. A few others apps (among many) where you can utilize the iRig Mic Studio is EZ voice, a sing-a-long app that allows the user to sing along with songs in their music library, and my personal favorite – The Mic Room. This app gives you the ability to model your iRig Mic after some of the most well known microphones in the recording industry.

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Overall, this microphone is a high quality device, that is very portable and user friendly. It retails currently for about $179.00 and can be purchased from retailers or directly from IK Multimedia.

The microphone is compatible with all the major mobile and desktop platforms, it comes with various cables to connect the mic to your device. It also comes with a sturdy desktop tripod, and a protective pouch.

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