Resonating Album Debut: Milo Greene

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Releasing their first album on July 17th, Milo Greene, has received a warm welcome and exceptional reviews. NPR Music featured them on their show early Saturday morning, July 14th, and their album has been in frequent rotation on fans and critics playlists. The band gathered attention after opening for fan and critic-adored, The Civil Wars, and performed to sold-out crowds. From what I read and hear, fans state they’re phenomenal live, and their 18-city tour is sure to be a stand-out.

This debut is exquisite, a masterpiece of perfection in music. It’s raw and real with an abundance of thought and time carefully placed into this conceptual project. Marlana Sheetz, the one-woman, in the midst of four men is the glue that brings this act cohesively together; their harmonies mesh well with her subdued, yet enticing voice. She stands out throughout the entire album, yet specifically on the beautiful, “Perfectly Aligned,” “Son My Son”. Marlana plays guitar and harmonica very well, and further demonstrates her chops with a tambourine and clarinet. She plays a Stardust Retro-H De-Luxe guitar by Daisy Rock.

It’s easy to be over-shadowed by four male strong voices, yet Sheetz holds her own very well, and shines throughout the entire album. Readers and fans need to run and get this album, as there’s not a song on the album that won’t please and suffice the appetite.


1.  What’s The Matter-* Personal Pick
2.  Orpheus
3.  Don’t You Give Up On Me*- Personal Pick
4.  Perfectly Aligned-* Personal Pick
5.  Silent Way
6.  1957
7.  Wooden Antlers
8.  Take A Step
9.  Moddison
10. Cutty
11.  Love Son My Son-* Personal Pick
12.  Polaroid
13.  Autumn Tree

The band embarks on an 18-city tour, beginning the evening of July 17th, with a free show at Amoeba Records in Los Angeles, California. Hurry, and purchase your tickets, because a few of their upcoming performances are already SOLD OUT. Purchase tickets HERE.

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