Album Review: Kat Perkins: DRIVE

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Kat Perkins is a musician which most of us know from the show, ‘The Voice’; before that she spent her time playing a variety of venues. Undeniably she has a good voice and good music that will lead to a long and successful career in music. Kat Perkins’ album Drive is a hard hitting rock ’n’ roll album! This eight track album is a rock lover’s good vibration of music and will become a staple in any collection. The different beats and melodies provided from guitars and drums along with the raspy and sexy vocals from Kat Perkins will make one drool. This will quickly become a favorite for many. Let’s break it down a little.

The first song on the album, which is also the first single release and name of album, is a song called “Drive” which is a hard driven rock song. It is performed well and will be a great song to add to a road trip song list. Following this hard hitting song on the album is a more melodic song titled “Take this Heart and Leave.” This is a good way to begin the album and it provides an idea of what a good range her voice has.

Up next is a song called “Marry Me.” At first hearing this title, one may think it is a cover of the lovely song from Train– it isn’t. It is a beautiful melody and will compliment any romantic night– well, especially if popping the question is in the plans. Good job on this song! “Main Street,” the next song on Drive, is a piano driven song that is a wonderfully performed song. This will be a good song anytime. These first four songs on Drive shows a good range of voice and shows why Kat Perkins made it to the top five on ‘The Voice.’ The next four songs are just as wonderful to hear.

Track number five is titled “Dancing in the Stars” which provides a nice beat, and continues to be a good album going into the final part of the album. “The Hardest Part” is another song that delivers a good beat and is a great song. After that, her song “When it’s Raining” is a slower song and Perkins provides great vocals to it and is a great way to continue into the last song. The album ends on a rocking note with a song titled “Let’s get on the Road” and is the perfect ending to the album. Kat Perkins delivers on this album what many missed on ‘The Voice.’

Drive is an album that will provide great party songs, wonderful road trip songs, and beautiful music to make memories to. This album is ready for all occasions that one can think of. Drive was released this summer, and can and should be added to many summer playlists as one to always have around.

Overall this is a good rocking album for any occasion. Kat Perkins will be on the road to celebrate this album throughout the summer, check her out live at Sturgis, too!

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